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The system detects fire through heat and smoke detectors, before sending signal to fire control panel to raise alarm through sounders and/ or siren. It can also be triggered manually using emergency call point. Having the alarm sounded, it alerts people to act either by evacuating the building to the fire assembly point, extinguishing the fire using firefighting equipment or dry sand, or by alerting the fire brigade for rescue and backup.

The system can either be conventional or addressable. It can be extended by connecting to the tele -dialer (telephone alert(s) each time the alarm triggers) or automatic fire suppression system to automatically extinguish fire when there is fire detection.

At Kontek we design the system, supply its components, install and service on call out or routine quarterly service.

The system is ideal in all building set ups, i.e. offices, factories, commercial properties, schools, etc. The following are some of the clients we serviced:

NBS Bank – Nationwide
National Bank of Malawi
Sunbird tourism hotels
Mpico properties – Nationwide
Central Medical Stores
Save the children
Blantyre Water Board 

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