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The system is automatically operated. After fire detection, cylinders releases gas and the fire diminishes and eventually dies in the particular room of intended concentration. As a normal practice, we first carry out an assessment to establish the actual requirement in that particular room before quotation and installation. 
The system is highly essential as it operates automatically without human intervention there by leaving you with peace of mind having known that your valuables are fire secure even when there is no one to attend to it the fire event. The system is ideal for hi-tech or valuable content rooms, i.e. saver rooms, archives, laboratory, equipment rooms, etc. For details about it, follow …..
Some of the projects and clients serviced are the following:
Electricity Generation Of Malawi   - Nkula and Tedzani  power generation cable tunnels 
Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi  
Malawi Telecommunications Limited 
Opportunity Bank Of Malawi
Ministry of works  ( Directorate of Road Traffic Services )
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